Dani and Evan in Mexico

Dani Rosenoer and Evan Kuhn combined their songwriting efforts along with progressive, jam-band, electronic and pop music elements to create Everyone's Talking.

"What we want is simple: to write music, perform it with the band, and travel around the planet" (Dani)

Dani punches the keys while Evan rocks the acoustic guitar. Everyone's Talking started out playing acoustic shows as a duo and quickly expanded to become a solid 4-piece live band, with 2 lead singers.

In 2009, they released an E.P. titled Dragonflies, co-produced by Grammy-award winner David Bottrill (Muse, Tool, Peter Gabriel). The album was available on a pay-what-you-want basis, featured on ET's official site.

"The best thing about selling your music that way, is how instantly accessible it is to almost everyone around the globe. We get to hear from fans from all corners of the world". (Evan)

In 2010 and 2011 the band took over major venues in Toronto including the Glenn Gould Studio, The Opera House, Lee's Palace, The Great Hall & The Rivoli. They also played their first show outside of Canada in the exotic Monterrey, Mexico.

Dani Rosenoer has also released two solo albums in the meantime. His 2009 debut L.P. You Are Only Here Once features ambient new age, piano pieces, electro, and pop songs and the 2010 Punching Keys E.P. is all grand piano recordings.

Everyone's Talking also released many videos on their official YouTube channel. It is often updated and can be viewed here. A 2011 extended version of the band's first E.P. entitled Dragonflies+ was released in 2011 featuring some unreleased tracks, including the new single Snake in the Girl, remixes and more. The band is gearing up towards recording some new material in the near future.

In 2012, Dani joined 'Three Days Grace' as their touring keyboard player and backup singer.

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